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18-Hour Non-Exempt AFSP


18 CTE Hours
Non -Exempt AFSP
(for Tax Professionals that did not acquire the prior IRS status of RTRP)
with optional 
Tax Business Start-Up 
  • Total Course Cost $105.00
  • $50.00 (Optional) EFIN Application Assistance (process started immediately upon payment)

*** If you are in need of alternative payment methods, please Contact Us for such as we accept all forms of payments.***

  • Course Description:
    • 6 CTE Credit Hours of AFTR Course*
    • 7 CTE Credit Hours of Other Federal Tax Law Topics / Matters
    • 3 CTE Credit Hours of Tax Law Updates
    • 2 CTE Credit Hours of Ethics

Once your payment is processed and enrollment request/paid invoice is received you will receive an reciept via email and/or text message and your online class profile will be established with the above listed CTE Seminar Bundle within 2 business days. Once that is completed you will receive your login credentials and you will be added to our CTE Facebook Study Group. The cost of the classes are non-refundable as we have to pay for our instructional platforms per user, however you can drop the courses at any time for any reason. The 6-credit hour AFTR course includes a comprehension test (3-hr timed test), which consist of 100 questions. Instructor led course assistance is available for 12 CTE hours, test answers and/or instructional feedback are NOT provided for the AFTR 6 CTE course. These courses are NOT webinars, therefore you can access the course content at any time and work at your own pace.

*** Please NOTE: The IRS requires you to complete your AFTR course and test, as well as all other required CTE associated with the AFSP Record of Completion,  by midnight (local time) on 12/31 each year in order to receive credit. Tax Angels Tax School administration recommend you finish all AFSP required courses before 12/28 at 11:59pm CST so we can provide proper Instructor, Administrative, and Technical support. Courses completed prior to midnight on 12/31 will be reported to the IRS within 10 business days of completion.***

Tax Software is available for a discounted rate upon successful completion of tax courses and upon receipt of your EFIN number and becoming an authorized IRS E-File Service Provider.  If you are unable to obtain an EFIN, please contact us about our other availalbe options.

Office hours are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:00pmcst to 6:00pmcst & Saturdays from 1:00pmcst to 2:00pmcst (Office Hours must be scheduled the day before no later than 12pmcst). Please note that office hours may be recorded for others reference.  Videos and documents maybe uploaded to our Private CTE Facebook Study Group.





authorized-irs-efile-service-provider                                                                                                                                                               irs-approved-ce-provider


* AFTR Course (6 CTE Credit Hours) will be administered via a 3rd party platform.